The Sites

Site One: SARVAM

Through SARVAM and the village schools with which it works: 450 students. 
Sarvam - Integral Village Development Programme
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Site 2: ASEEMA

Through ASEEMA and the urban slum schools where it works: 2,800 at the pilot stage, with observers from the Bombay Municipal Corporation school system of 430,000 students.

All of the children involved in the SARVAM village schools and the ASEEMA urban slum schools which will be the sandboxes are below the poverty line, marginalized, reclaimed from child labor or otherwise financially distressed.

The village children and the children in the urban slums of Mumbai who have been selected by SARVAM and ASEEMA share numerous characteristics. They are each from families that are very small subcontract labor or daily labor families.
Shelter is primitive; a hut in the village or a shanty in the slum. Without SARVAM or ASEEMA, these children certainly could not look forward to productive lives.